We ask God to bless our children as they grow with faith, wisdom and holiness.


We welcome into our Parish Family our newest members...

November 5, 2017:
Noah Robert Metzloff-Derousie, son of Kevin and Jenn


October 8, 2017:
Grant Charles Hedrich, son of Michael and Janet


October 1, 2017:
Remi Noelle Berscht, daughter of Thomas and Justina
Matthias Ezequiel Morales, son of David and Jeanette


July 30, 2017:
Delilah Kathleen King, daughter of Shaun and Renée
Knox Peter Lareau, son of Marc and Sarah
Mason Michael Zaharia, son of Raul and Shannon


June 25, 2017:
Addisyn Romy Downs, daughter of Mark and Marianne
Brooklyn Grace Haffner, daughter of George and Crystal