FundScrip Gift Card Fundraiser

Donate to our fundraiser simply by purchasing and using gift cards for purchases you would be making everyday!! The order forms show you the percentage we received from each card.
For example, you spend $100 per week at Foodland for groceries. If you purchase 4 x $100 Foodland gift cards and use them for the month instead of your debit card, that translates to 3% of $400 which is $12.00 you just donated to St Teresa's simply by using a gift card instead! Same idea for gas or for eating out, simply purchase and use gift cards instead. Gift cards never expire. They also make great gifts for any occasion and are easy to include into a card!
There are 2 order forms. The short form (condensed version) and the long form (which has more retailers to choose from).
Don't see a retailer you would like a gift card from? Please email as they add new retailers all the time and we will let you know if available.


Email your order to You can print and fill out the order form, scan or take a picture of it and email it OR copy the template below into an email, complete and send.


Phone Number:
Email Address:
Cards Required: (include retailer, quantity and $ amount of card - Eg: Foodland 2 x $50 and Esso 1 x $25 + 1 x $50)


To pay, simply etransfer the money to - no password required - in the notes put FOR FUNDSCRIP ORDER. If you are attending Mass or going by the church, another option is to print and fill out the order form, attach cash or a cheque made out to Barb Vodicka and return it to the church.
Orders can be made at any time and gift cards are mailed directly to your home address. They mail a max of 4 cards per envelope so you may get more than one envelope per order.
(Orders of $200 or more (for 4 cards) have no shipping fees).
Any questions please contact Barb at

Thank you for your support!