Outreach Ministry (Visitation):

OUTREACH – our 4 th season of visiting is about to begin

Outreach is our parish Ministry of Visitation.

Our new schedule for monthly visits to nursing homes will start in October for the visiting year 2018 - 19.

We have 10 parishioner volunteers who visit four different places on behalf of St Teresa Parish. We visit 20 resident parishioners each month, for ten months of each year.

Our schedule is set up for volunteers to work in pairs, in different combinations, in all the places that we visit: Barnswallow Place, Chartwell, Heritage House in St Jacobs and we visit one parishioner in her apartment.

We experience a lot of variety in this ministry by working with so many different parishioners. Our residents appreciate us visiting them. They are very grateful to us, they thank us for visiting and they ask us to come again. The nursing homes are extremely pleased that we visit. Aides in the halls at the nursing homes often direct nice comments our way as we go by. This ministry emits positive vibes with everyone we come in contact with.

If you or someone you know would appreciate a visit from a parish member from the Outreach Ministry, please contact the Parish Office.



Prayer Network:

If you have a prayer request, please contact the Parish Office.



Prayer Shawl Ministry

Since September 2011 members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry have made and
donated almost 500 shawls to people who are in need of the comfort of
prayer for many reasons. Some request shawls for themselves, for friends
and family who are experiencing illness, family problems, joyful events,
and losses.  Anyone who needs prayers can request a shawl.  Our shawls have
gone across Canada and to Europe.  This Ministry is available to anyone,
regardless of religious affiliation. As a group we meet annually with an
interdenominational group which shares the same Ministry in their
respective churches.

One of our newest projects is to make Baptismal shawls which are always
white and are placed on the child to represent the "white garment"
mentioned in the Baptismal rite.

Our group meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the parish library at 1:00
p.m.  All knitters and crocheters are welcome to join and help with this
Ministry.  At these meetings we pray for anyone who has received a shawl as
well as share stories about the shawls we have made.

All shawls are given at no cost to the receiver but we do accept donations
of yarn or money to purchase yarn.

Questions or requests for shawls may be directed to Danielle Pilon at
519-669-2606 or contact the Parish Office.



October 2018

DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE – our Canadian Catholic organization for International development
(51 years advocating for the underprivileged)


This year the focus is on forced migrants.

No one should be forced to leave their home.

The majority of forced migrants live under extremely difficult conditions, in the poorest countries in the world.

The causes of migrant displacement are multiple, interwoven and complex. Migrant displacement can be caused by armed conflict, climate change, megaprojects gone wrong, bad economic policies, political instability or all of these causes together or in combination.

Flight is not a choice but a necessity. On Sunday, November 4, sign our Fall Action Card in the narthex after Mass. We are asking our federal government to address the root causes of forced migration.

Parish rep: Marty Merlihan